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The Message

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I stumbled across this translation of the Bible at a time when I was struggling to get out of a religious rut and into a living, vital relationship with God. The Message Bible really helped! I had grown up with the language of the KJV Bible. Now I love and treasure the King James Version of the Bible, but its words had become a 'religious language' to me: hard to understand because I had so many "this says, and that means" definitions built up in my head. The Message broke through that language barrier and helped me to really see the 'story of the Bible' with fresh eyes. It helped me take take a way the religious box I'd put God in, and start dealing with Him in the here and now, not as a distant personage who speaks with thees and thous.

The Message is a paraphrase of sorts, translating into English idiom and phrasing rather than 'straight across' from Hebrew and Greek, so it is not one for seeking definitive doctrine, but I highly recommend it for devotional reading and encouragement in your daily walk with God!
Date Added: 05/05/2011 by Mary Stockler
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