Happy New Year!

As the first business day of 2011 gets underway, my prayer for each of us is that this year will find us stronger, healthier, and happier: Onward and Upward! Blessings, Merry

The Context of Predestination

Predestination is a bit of a sticky subject, and not one I pretend to comprehend, but as I was reading Ephesians recently, some neat things jumped out at me. I’d love some feedback! Ephesians begins with “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every [...]

Reflections in Autumn

The world is new washed, The leaves slowly turning to crimson and gold . . . at summer’s adjourning. Clouds pass on along, the breeze, gusty, blowing caresses my face . . . . in boisterous flowing. The hedgehogs find slumber, the squirrels their nest The dark brown cold earth Speaks of nature at rest. [...]

On Beginning a Blog . . .

Why would I want to blog?